Spare Earring Backs for Children's Earrings



It can be easy to lose an earring back, especially when putting them on a wriggling baby or child.  Drop one, and they have a remarkable ability to disappear.  

We try to keep a stock of all kinds of earring backs to match each type of earring.  Currently we have spares in the following:

Surgical Steel butterfly backs 

Surgical Steel screw backs

Sterling Silver butterfly backs

Sterling silver screw backs

10k Gold screw backs

14k Gold screw backs

Surgical Steel ball backs

Surgical Steel disc backs, also gold IP disc backs

Sterling Silver, 14k Gold plated screw backs

Surgical Steel Gold IP butterfly backs

Gold plated butterfly backs

Silicone backs which fit all earrings, including hook earrings.

If you have the misfortune of losing a back, check our site by doing a search for Spares.  They can be found towards the end of every category of earrings.  Meantime, with babies and small children, try lying them on their side to put their earrings on, and give them something to distract them, especially when putting on the trickier sleepers.  It helps reduce wriggle just a little.  



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