Sterling Silver Children's Earrings

At Baby Jewels, we have nearly 700 items of baby and children's jewellery. A year ago our biggest sellers were baby bracelets. But this year, we are selling more children's earrings, in particular, sterling silver children's earrings, than baby bracelets. The cost is just one reason, because you can buy two pairs of silver earrings for the price of a baby bracelet which contains much more 925 sterling silver than a pair of earrings. Another reason, we believe, for the popularity of kids' earrings is that more and more young children are getting their ears pierced, and at a younger age than in former years, in Australia. Of course, in Latin American countries, baby earrings are the big seller because baby girls traditionally have their ears pierced in their first year. But there is, we believe, a third reason. The enormous range of over-the-top cute styles of children's earrings is both exciting and inspiring. Who can blame a Mum, or perhaps an Aunty or God-mother for buying not one but two or three pairs for their little girl? We also have 14k gold baby and children's screw back earrings, and they, too, are becoming more and more popular in recent times.
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