Sweet Baby Bracelets

I said to someone today that it's the baby bracelets I love the most in this job.  They seem to be the most popular item of baby and children's jewellery to my customers also, with baby bracelets being my biggest seller with children's earrings next most popular.  

It's easy to love them.  Whether they are gold or silver or made of tiny pearls, all baby bracelets have buckets of charm.  

Mums love them also, I get great feedback from my customers who've either purchased or received one of these bracelets.  They really do look beautiful on a chubby baby wrist.

The secret is to buy one that fits.  If it's too big, it tends to lose a little of its charm.  My advice is always get one that fits perfectly now, but also has an extension for growth, so that baby can get loads of wear from it.  They are simply too divine to only wear for a few months!

All our items are measured so if you possibly can, (unless the gift is a surprise) get out the tape measure and measure her wrist. Babies vary such a lot in size, the ages given can only ever be approximate.  

The wonderful thing about the gift of a baby bracelet is, they can easily be stored once they're outgrown.  Surprise her with it when she turns 21, or on the occasion of the arrival of her first baby.  She will love you for it!

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