The Beauty of Rose Quartz

Lately I have been pondering on rose quartz baby and children's jewellery.  I have decided I am a rose quartz fan.  Most of the baby and children's jewellery I've been considering is mixed with other components.  For example, children's bracelets and necklaces featuring rose quartz intermixed with creamy white pearls, and Austrian crystals.  This mix is really stunning because it's a mixture of shine and gleam and colours that go together beautifully.  I've already purchased some children's bracelets.  It will be interesting to see if others fall in love with them as I did.

I think rose quartz is particularly nice on little girls.  The colour is flattering on the flawless complexion of babies and children.  But I'm also looking for rose quartz for women.  So far I have picked up some rose quartz pendants with sterling silver fittings which would suit older girls as well as their mothers.  These are in the shape of a heart, and although quite small, they are generously "fat" making very cute heart shapes.  If they were any bigger, they might be a little too heavy, particularly if they were purchased for children, but they are not.  I've been matching them up with a 16" or 18" sterling silver box chain, nice and simple to go with the simple shape of the pendant. 

I actually have some rose quartz and sterling silver baby bracelets which I ordered specially made for Baby Jewels, last year.  When they arrived, they were 3cm too short and would only fit a newborn for a short period of time.  So they are not on my site and I am at a loss to know what to do with them.  I wasn't game to re-order them at the time, being new to this business, but I think I might, because they are simply gorgeous bracelets for babies.

Anybody else a fan of rose quartz?

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