The Ever Popular Children's Locket

Sterling silver children's locket



Children's locket necklaces have been popular for decades. Recently I saw an online exhibition of children's jewellery through the generations, and was not surprised to see children's bracelets and baby brooches were popular centuries ago. For those lucky enough to possess such items, they must have been dearly treasured.

These days, baby bangles are more popular than baby bracelets. Times change and fashions change.

Among the long-standing favourites were children's locket necklaces. I was interested to see that the styles now are very similar to the styles that were popular generations ago. Very little has changed, although these days, lockets are more commonly seen in sterling silver than gold.

Lockets come in all shapes or sizes, ovals, rounds, heart-shapes, even squares. They can be worn by all ages, including adults.

Lockets can carry a precious photo, trimmed neatly to fit the shape of her locket, close to her heart. Lockets are more likely to be stored away as a keepsake family heirloom than any other type of children's jewellery. Sadly, the photos do not last quite as well as the everlasting locket.

Give her something she'll really love, something she'll treasure forever.

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