The Joys of Childhood

We all try to create happy and healthy lives for our kids.  Part of that is not over-indulging them, but the joy created by a surprise gift of something really special, is something we all remember from our own childhoods.

When I was a child, few of us ever received baby or children's jewellery but these days many do.  But sometimes our grandmothers indulged us with a little baby bracelet when we were born, or, over the years, for a birthday or a special reward, a beautiful little children's bracelet.  These were treasured, but rarely, was it the beginning of a collection.  Our collections were stamps, coins, shells and pebbles from the beach.

Times have changed and children still get a kick out of a special gift, especially one that's unexpected, for example, one that comes as a reward for something well done.  

Today, children are more likely to have a small jewellery collection, safely stored in a pretty children's jewellery box, which they can show their friends.  The first one may have been received before they were even born, at her mother's Baby Shower.  Baby bracelets, if the gender of the baby is known, are a very popular baby shower gift.  Then, when the baby is born, grandmothers often give a second baby bracelet, to be added to her collection.  By the time the little girl starts school, she's likely to have 2 or more children's bracelets and, likely having her ears pierced, children's earrings and a children's necklace or two.  Birthdays, Christenings, Christmases - these are all occasions when baby jewellery or children's jewellery is given.  

Children' know that jewellery is "special" and their faces, when opening their gifts, show that excitement that we remember from our own childhood when we were given something totally, unexpectedly, special.  

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