The key to her Mum's heart

Freshwater pearl matching mother and baby bracelet set with lock and key


The tiny newborn baby girl holds the key to her mother's heart.

In the excitement and joy of her birth, you will want your baby gift to be something very special to show her and her proud mother how overjoyed you are about the arrival of her new baby girl.  It will be something so special her mother will want to keep it forever. It will be some thing that doesn't date, and is easy to keep in good condition and which takes up very little cupboard space as it will be stored for the next generation.  Or, you may look for an item that encompasses your joy for her and her excited mother.  

Recently we've acquired some beautiful mother and newborn baby, freshwater pearl, sterling silver bracelets.  The tiny, newborn baby bracelet will fit for the first year of her life, to be captured in all her baby portraits, family snaps and special occasion photos in that first year.  

One style has a sterling silver padlock charm on the mother's bracelet and the key on the baby's bracelet.  So popular, we've re-ordered several times.  Another style has a sterling silver open heart charm, a classic style, popular for generations.  

Very affordable, these are gifts that show your joy at the birth of her newborn, but also that you care about her in her special new role of Mother.

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