The Popular Baby Bangle

Exquisitely embossed baby bangle

When Baby Jewels was born, baby bracelets were our biggest seller.  They still are very popular but gradually over the last seven years, baby bangles have been emerging as the most popular baby jewellery item.  

More and more styles are becoming available and now, there's a baby bangle for every occasion.  Firstly the newborn bangles which usually expand to be worn over that first rapid growth year, are popular.  The most popular are the Christening bangles. Baby Christening bangles come in all styles, from traditional to contemporary.  First birthday bangles are next, and this size will last her much longer due to the most rapid growth year being over.  

All baby bangles are great keepsakes.  Once outgrown they can be passed on to younger siblings or stored in a safe place until the baby is an adult when she will be thrilled to receive her first jewellery as a keepsake, perhaps even to be passed on to her own children. 

Storage is easy, they take up very little space and only need a buff up with a jewellery cloth and, best of all, baby bangles never go out of style!

Which makes them the most perfect gift idea ever, for a baby!

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