Thoughts of Christmas

It's only August but I find my mind wandering to Christmas already.  I have only one Christmas under my Baby Jewels belt so not a lot to go by, but it got very busy there for a couple of months and I'm thinking about whether I have enough baby jewellery and children's jewellery to see me through the festive season.

With the world hit by another round of recessions, will I need to stock up at all?  If so, with what?  I remember last year baby bracelets, baby bangles and children's bracelets were big sellers.  Children's charms for little charm bracelets were also popular.  At the present time I have hundreds of styles to choose from - do I need more?

I have been strolling round my favourite supplier's websites, mentally wish-listing what I will buy.  I found some gorgeous little crystal children's necklaces the other day - tick!  Charm bracelets for children are always popular, I must count up how many I have, and what sizes.

I even found myself looking for nice Christmas pictures for use on email-outs.  I find it slightly mad that we retailers hold such hope for Christmas getting us through another year.  But that's the way it is, and has been, for a very long time.

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