Tibetan Silver in Children's Jewellery

Tibetan silver has a beautiful look.  It's rustic, ethnic, and handmade-looking.  In fact, very often it is hand-made.  Tibetan silver is usually teamed with gorgeous beads or stones, as well as pearls.  The designs have a special look and with very little experience, I have come to be able to pick Tibetan silver children's jewellery from other types of silver, very easily.

Tibetan silver is approx 70% silver.  Sterling silver, in comparison, is 92.5% silver.  It's possible to get 99% silver baby jewellery, usually baby bangles and baby bracelets, but these are quite expensive and they are more soft than sterling silver or Tibetan silver.  For this reason, I wouldn't recommend 99% silver baby jewellery.  It's far too easy to dent or scratch or distort the item.  Sterling silver can be dented also, but these days it's often coated with a product that helps keep the silver shiny, and prevent dents and scratches.  Tibetan silver is in fact the best silver of all for Children because it's stronger than both sterling silver and 99% silver. 

Tibetan silver children's jewellery is often engraved in that recognisable ethnic design of Central Asia.  If you have a child who likes something a little different, Tibetan silver children's jewellery might be perfect as a gift for her.

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