Tips for Buying Baby Jewellery

1. Buying traditional style jewellery for babies will mean the item will not lose appeal as the decades go by and can be used by later generations.

2.  Baby ID Bracelets are traditional but to ensure they are worn again by future babies, keep any engraving generic to suit any baby who wears it.

3.  Baby earrings need to be not only small, but have shorter rods.  The earring itself must not overwhelm a tiny lobe.  Nuts (or "backs") should be tightly fitting.

4.  When buying a baby bracelet, ensure there is an extension for growth, because babies are not tiny for long. Ditto with baby bangles - most expanding bangles will ensure another 2-4 years of wear.  

5.  Buying a baby charm bracelet (naked) is a great idea because the gift of a charm for each following birthday is easy.  Choose children's charms that represent something important in her life.

6.  Boy babies too, are wearing jewellery these days.  Gold, silver, leather or cord extending bracelets, often with a masculine charm such as a soccer ball for an older boy or an insect or animals for a baby, are popular.

7.  Stretchy bracelets make getting the baby bracelet on and off much easier.

8.  Hinged baby bangles also make putting on and off, much easier.

9.  Baby bracelets with lots of colour for example, enamelling, colourful crystals or Millefiori beads make black and white baby portraits special by having the bracelet left in full colour.

10.  Avoid chain store baby jewellery.  Often these items are very pretty and the price makes them very attractive, but they very often contain lead, nickel, cadmium and possibly other, dangerous metals.  

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