Trends in Baby and Children's jewellery

There are trends in kids jewellery just as there are in adult's jewellery. Whilst some styles have maintained their popularity over the decades, there are new styles becoming popular all the time. Anklets for example are becoming more popular every year. Just as they were in the 70s! Ball bracelets and ball chains are popular now and have been for at least a decade, but I don't call these a "trend." To explain: There are a couple of styles "trending" at the moment. Sideways crosses are very popular, both in children's bracelets and children's necklaces. We've stocked and restocked a couple of styles. Another, more recent trend is the Wishbone. Wishbone jewellery is very popular overseas and we've recently stocked a wishbone children's necklace, in sterling silver. Personalising jewellery gifts is popular and I would call it a trend. Which makes anything with an ID plate very popular, kids' ID bracelets and bangles for example. Adding her name or date of birth on the ID plate makes it *hers* and hers alone. This is the type of jewellery item which she'll keep for a lifetime. Recently we acquired a range of "Initial Necklaces" in two styles. One, a simple sterling silver initial on a simple sterling silver chain. Some initials have sold out already and will be re-ordered. The other style, is the very popular sterling silver disc style, with the initial stamped on it. These are really just another form of a personalised gift. Little girls who know how to write their names, will fall in love with their own initial necklace. Some popular styles stay popular i.e. butterfly jewellery or ladybug children's jewellery. Many other "critter" styles too, which have been popular for at least 2 decades. But I don't put these in the category of "trends."
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