Want to Personalise Your Baby Bracelet Gift?

Baby ID bracelets are perfect for personalising, by engraving. But not all baby bracelets can be engraved. If you attach a charm in the form of a flat disc, in whatever shape you prefer, i.e. an oval, a circle, or, popularly, a heart, ensure it is thick enough to withstand engraving. If engraving a charm is not an option, you can personalise with the baby's birthstone. Baby bangles are easier because most have either a flat section which forms an ID plate, for easy engraving, or, if they are flat on the inside, that's a great place to place your loving message. Personalising your baby jewellery gift is a great way of keeping that loving feeling right through until she grows up, when she will treasure the thought. consideration and effort behind it. What do you engrave on a bracelet or bangle? Some ideas: Her date of birth. Her name. Her nickname. or a message such as, Welcome to the world (insert name and birthdate) With love on your Christening Day etc. etc.
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