We love double duty gift items!

We have a new baby girl in the family. Well, she's 6 months old now but that's still "new," I think. Her maternal grandmother bought her a little gold baby bracelet, but at 6 months it's still too big for her. However, a great solution has been found. She just had her 6 month portraits, to be put on the wall with her three older brothers' 6 month portraits. She wore the "Lil Sis" pearl and crystal newborn bracelet I gave her when she was born and is still fitting her perfectly now, with an extension to ensure wear for another year at least. Her beautiful gold baby bracelet, she wore on her ankle in her photos. It looked beautiful. I often suggest to customers that they are better off buying one size up if they want their gift to be worn for longer. Because baby anklets are such divine little items and most bracelets will do double duty as an anklet, very nicely. Of course, many like their gift of a newborn bracelet to fit and be worn immediately and that's fine. If this is the case, look for a 4" - 5" bracelet. Otherwise go for the Christening bracelet size. These are intended for a 6 month old - 2 year age group.
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