We're Restocking!

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As always at this time of year, our stocks need replenishing and the fun part - buying beautiful baby jewellery, children's jewellery and gifts for Mums, has begun.

This Christmas season, the biggest seller was a pair of children's earrings, not saying which pair but you may be able to guess? Low priced and very cute, we were selling them in twos and threes - often to grandmothers who wanted their little granddaughters to each have a matching pair.

We've already received our first order of new baby earrings and children's earrings.

We're finding baby bracelets more difficult to replenish. Baby bangles are becoming easier to source and there are some stunning models. So perhaps baby bangles will be the big seller of 2016?

Parents and grandparents loved our children's necklaces this Christmas, especially our initial necklaces.

Increasingly, birthstone jewellery for children is being purchased so we've just acquired a shipment of very reasonably priced birthstone earrings which are cz stud earrings, each one representing the birthstone for each month.

Keep an eye out as our categories also grow - shortly, we'll have children's rings arriving - adjustable to continue fitting through growth spurts!

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