What Customers Like

Once in a while I come across a piece of children's jewellery that stands out from the rest.  It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about a design that appeals.  It may not be the design, it might be the colours used, as in cz stones, gemstones or enamelling.  It might be that it's a traditional piece, that resembles something special from long ago.  It isn't the price because I've loved some of the more affordable designs every bit as much as the more expensive pieces.  

But I have learned that just because I especially like a piece doesn't mean that others will see it the way I do.

Sometimes I've been so taken with an item I've seen on a supplier's website, I've over-purchased and been disappointed that they haven't sold as well as expected.  I did this with a little baby bracelet.  I bought a large number because they were so beautiful (to me) and the price was right. A year later, I still have many of them.  

At other times I've purchased an item that didn't particularly appeal to me only to be pleasantly surprised to find it was very popular and I should have purchased more.  This has happened with a bunch of children's earrings I bought simply to add some diversity to the collection.  

What this means is that it's not a simple task of doing a search for what you think are the most beautiful pieces because quite simply, we all have different tastes.  I've found the best idea is to acquire a few of many different styles, then buy again, if a particular style sells well.  This has meant that at Baby Jewels, we've acquried a huge range of almost 100 children's earrings, for example, and a large number of bracelets, charms etc.  

You can't suit everyone, but you can try!

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