What do Girls Like?

Pearls of course! But not just pearls, girls love their earrings! My three granddaughters regularly pop into the office and have a look around, check out new products and put in their orders for birthdays and Christmas! I've noticed that their first stop is the children's earrings drawers. They adore their earrings! Yes, they love the little pearl bracelets, and the eldest is now quite keen on children's necklaces, but all of them, now ranging in age from 4 to 7, go straight to the earrings drawers first. I must admit they've been pretty spoilt over the years and each has a little jewellery box which contains their collection of baby and children's jewellery, collected since babyhood. They have their favourites for example, our littlest one wore a little red friendship bracelet for months, refusing to take it off. But now it's the earrings she oggles and wants a selection. Her Mum first needs to teach her to put them in and take them out, so that she can change them herself, whenever she wants to, without bothering Mum. Children's earrings are also huge sellers on the site, so I'm of the opinion that all little girls especially love their little earrings!
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