What Kind of Jewelry Suits Your Child?

In adults, the kind of jewelry worn usually reflects the wearer’s personality.  An elegant woman for example might select an elegant, timeless piece.  It might be intricate, or it might be simple, but it will always be elegant.  A piece of jewelry bought as a gift for an elegant woman, is likely to be elegant, because we buy to suit a personality, as we see it. 

Jewelry gifts for children are no different.  The choice will always be tinged by what we, as the buyer, likes, but it will reflect the child, in how we see her.  A baby is seen as pure and innocent, therefore we might buy pearls, which are seen as a symbol of innocence, or a simple piece in gold or silver.  Tradition might play a part in the decision.  Tiny bangles, solid or expandable, have been popular in either gold and silver for generations.  They are simple and beautiful.  Gold, silver and pearls all look perfect on the perfect skin of a baby, whatever her complexion. 

As the baby grows, so does her personality.  She may be slightly shy, she may be bold.  She may display a distinct sense of humour.  She may be overwhelmingly cute and funny!  She may be loud and boisterous.  There is a jewelry piece to suit all these personalities.  Pearls and simple gold or silver pieces may still look best on the growing baby, or you might like a piece that matches her growing personality.  There are designs that are cute, quirky, pretty or just beautiful.  Would the baby suit a style designed to become a family heirloom, to be kept for her until her 21st and presented to her in a silver or gold trinket box, a memory of her babyhood, to be kept for her own children?  Precious gems, set in gold or silver, an exquisite piece of gold or silver – is this baby’s style? 

Some babies are just plain funny.  Or bright and inquisitive.   For these babies, there are quirky pieces available and if matched to her personality, friends and family will say, “That bracelet is perfect for her!”  Bright colours, cute designs, particularly modern designs will suit this baby perfectly.

Children as they grow older, gradually display the personality they were born with.  Again, there will be little girls who are sweet and shy, cute and funny, bold and bright.  As a mother, grandmother, aunt or friend of this child, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Baby Jewels, in a piece of jewelry to match the little girl in your life.  We have traditional styles, modern styles, sweet pearl baby bracelets and children’s bracelets, colourful enamelled bracelets and children’s earrings featuring animals, insects, hearts and flowers.  We have simple pieces of gold and silver, some with gemstones, some Pandora styles, and of course, the ever popular Charm Bracelets.  There is a charm bracelet to suit every personality. 

Give an older girl an anklet to match her personality, in gold or silver, depending on her taste and skin colour.  A beautiful pair of drop earrings for the fashion-diva-in-the-making!  A necklace she can feel an affinity with and wear as an every day item, one she can be proud to show off to her friends out of school hours.  Or a bracelet that reflects her growing-up status and her personality.  There’s something for everyone at Baby Jewels!

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