What styles of earrings do kids like?

I am looking at a whole new range of baby earrings and children's earrings.  I already have a huge range on the website but so far, no screwbacks and people are wanting them.  So I've found a good supplier but the costs involved make them too expensive unless you buy an awful lot of them.  

So before Christmas, I'm going to look at them again and place a largish order, to make it worthwhile and to keep the prices per item, to a reasonable level.

Talking to customers who write to me via the Contact box, I know that kids often put in their "orders" for children's jewellery.  They might say, I want some dolphin earrings, or butterfly earrings, or pink crystal earrings etc.  But many parents/aunties/godmothers etc. buy children earrings that they personally like, and you can bet the kids do too, when they see them.  (I haven't seen any kids' earrings yet, which weren't super-cute!)  

So at Baby Jewels, we try to stock earrings that kids want specifically, as well as those that are much loved and chosen by adults for their children.  So if your child asks for a certain design of earrings, we currently have them in butterflies, dolphins, dragonflies, flowers, penguins, ladybugs, rabbits, bees, stars, hearts, crosses, turtles, koalas, snails, toadstools, owls, Bambis, Nemos, teddy bears, frogs, giraffes, cupcakes, apples, bows, strawberries, starfish, pearls, fairies, crystals, elephants and hoops!  

For family members who want to choose something classical, we have a range of more traditional styles, including gold, silver, cz stones and gemstones.  Often these are similar to adult's earrings only tinier.  The new range of screwbacks we plan on getting will include a lot of these more classic styles, in 14K gold.  But also some cute styles with colourful enamelling.  Can't wait!

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