What's available in Baby and Children's Jewellery?

Never bought jewellery for babies or children before?  In Australia, quality jewellery has always been available for babies and children in jewelry shops, but often not on display.  If you asked the assistant whether they have it, invariably they did, but it was below counter, being a slow seller and not worthy of taking up valuable display space.


Not so any more.  The trend in Europe and the US for quality baby and children’s jewellery has been growing for years and the trend is warming up, here in Australia.


We’ve always been able to buy plastic and acrylic jewellery, more often children’s bracelets and necklaces, but, as in Europe and the US, Australian mothers, aunties and friends of babies and little girls are searching for quality jewellery, often as keepsakes, for their little ones as well as for older girls and teenagers. 


In a jewellery store, you can now find, openly on display, baby bracelets, baby bangles,  baby earrings and less often, baby brooches.  Also commonly available are children’s earrings, children’s bangles, and sets of matching earrings and necklaces.  Most have a children’s Pandora style bracelets and beads, in a name brand owned by the store chain.  Baby and children’s charms are readily available and on display as are the charm bracelets which can be bought with or without charms.  Charm bracelets with charms are very popular at the moment.


At Baby Jewels, we’ve gone further.  As well as the baby bracelets, earrings and brooches, we have baby anklets, baby chains, baby pendants and baby charms.  Our children’s jewellery collection includes a large range of anklets, very popular in Summer, especially for teenagers, children’s and teenager’s chains, children’s pendants and pins, as well as children’s bracelets and children’s earrings.  In the children’s collection, we have jewelry suitable for small girls, older girls and teenagers. 


For older girls and teenagers, we have a selection of drop and dangle earrings, including butterflies, diamond cz hearts, and amethyst cz.  We have special occasion jewellery for older girls and teenagers as well as everyday jewellery, for example our diamond cz and garnet cz stud earrings and masses of silver bracelets which can be worn anywhere from the beach to the cinema.


Choose baby earrings that are tiny, with short posts and firm backs.  Older girls tend to like a drop earring from a post or hook style earrings.  If you want the child to be able to wear a bracelet for years, look for extensions on children’s bracelets, or expandable baby and children’s bangles.  This is not so important if you’re buying for a special occasion, or the bracelet has a degree of stretch, as some of the Thomas Sabo style crystal charm bracelets, do.


Most importantly, choose an item which you believe “fits” with the baby’s or children’s personality, so they will want to wear it always, and properly look after it as the treasured gift that it will be.

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