What's new in Children's Jewellery?

Gold Children's Figaro ID bracelet

What's trending in baby and children's jewellery for 2015?  First of all, yellow gold!  This was our hunch as the price of gold started to plummet. In the past 2 years, the price of yellow gold has dropped 33%. Which is very welcome! This is having a major impact on pricing of our gold baby bracelets and gold baby and children's earrings, one of our most popular lines.

Colours? Well, it seems purples, pinks of reds and softer hues of these gorgeous colours. We're also told whimsical colour combinations will be much loved in 2015. Which means softer pinks and lavenders, pale yellows, blues and greens. To me, these combinations have always been popular for baby jewellery and of course, children's jewellery as well. Even when I was a child.

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