Where is our Stock Sourced?

This is a question we're often asked and the answer varies from piece to piece. We do have some Australian made children's necklaces and earrings but unfortunately, although we've tried, we can't source much of what we want from Australia, although we'd prefer to do so. Aside from supporting Aussie jobs, we would have liked to have saved on shipping, which in turn, would lower our prices, but sadly, this hasn't been possible. Some countries seem to produce nicer baby and children's jewellery than others. The US creates some special pieces, and the UK also, especially traditionally styled silver and gold pieces. Most of our baby bangles come from the UK. The one standout is Italy when it comes to design, especially for children's earrings and baby bracelets. We have some stunning sterling silver from Thailand, in fact two of our most loved silver suppliers is from Thailand. Also, we source some particularly good quality items from Korea. We have some 9K gold items from Spain. Our stunning sterling silver/gemstone baby and children's bracelets come from a specialist in India. About 50% of our current stock comes from the US. I hope this answers some questions for our customers.
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