Why Pearls?

Pearls denote innocence and purity which is one of the major reasons they are so popular in baby jewellery and children's jewellery.  Aside from their natural beauty, aside from the fact that the mellowness of pearls are flattering on a baby or little girl's skin, these precious objects of desire are well described in this statement:

"Pearls are unique among gemstones because they don't arise from the depths of the earth, but from the sea.  They require no special cutting or polishing to maximise their lustrous beauty, which has been treasured since ancient times and ensures that pearl jewellery is always in style."

They are most popular in baby jewellery, whether it's tiny baby earrings, or a beautiful, keepsake baby bracelet.  Pearls are particularly suited to Christening jewellery.  Pearls in children's jewellery for all ages is popular as well.  Even children know that pearls are special.  For mothers and new babies, you cannot go past a gift of pearls.  Perhaps matching mother and baby pearl bracelets, set off with sparkling, lead-free crystals?  

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