Your Baby Is In Need of Bling

I laughed when I read the above statement on a blog! No, babies do not need bling but how beautiful does a bit of bling look on a baby? The shine of sterling silver or gold in a baby bracelet on her chubby wrist, the gleam of pearls which flatter her perfect skin so well. A little cz encrusted pendant on a shiny sterling silver baby necklace around her neck? Enamelling, crystals, semi-gemstones - in tiny designs that suit her age. Her baby photos will record forever these special gifts that add a special touch. Baby jewellery becomes the family keepsake and she will be in awe of how tiny she was and how lucky she was when she was a newborn, or a toddler. She will know that feeling when she has her own babies and wants to give them something special when she wore as a baby. That's probably the most compelling reason to give the gift of bling for the new baby in your life!
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