Collection: Baby Earrings

Of all the various types of baby jewelry, baby earrings are worn with the least amount of fuss by the baby. They sit on their ears, unfelt and unseen, impressing only friends and family! Most babies can wear most metals, but if your baby is prone to hypersensitivity, buy gold, silver, surgical steel or titanium, which are regarded as hypoallergenic.  Earrings have always been a popular adornment for babies and children. These days the tradition is being revived and it's becoming increasingly accepted for babies to have their ears pierced at quite a young age. Tiny studs, often in the shape of teddy bears, animals, flowers or insects are very popular. For religious reasons, some choose a silver or gold cross. Sometimes just the gleam of a tiny semi-precious stone, a sparkly dot on a perfect earlobe, can look beautiful. Choose earrings without sharp edges and a firmly held backing plate, or screw backs, also rounded for safety. As children grow, they will enjoy looking at their baby photos showing the tiny earrings they wore at the time.