Collection: Children's Jewellery

Children have worn jewellery for millenia, but never more than today. Parents and family love to adorn their children with jewellery and the children enjoy their jewellery and treasure it. They love the attention they receive when they wear their beautiful jewellery. Children's jewellery is not just small adult jewellery. Posts on children's earrings are shorter and the backs tend to be better quality and hold tightly. Bracelets and anklets are built for strength as well as beauty. Children's necklaces, bangles and bracelets are often expandable or extendable for growth. Children's jewellery is more likely to feature insects and animals as well as hearts and flowers.Children's jewellery should be chosen for strength but most especially, to look good on the child and make them feel good.The Serious Stuff:   Always ensure you understand what the jewellery components are made of. Most metals are safe for most babies and children, but some can have an allergic reaction to some materials. Also, children's jewellery should not contain nickel, lead or cadmium. Some of the plastic and metal children's jewellery, for sale on stands in newsagents, clothing shops and various others, can contain these metals. Good retailers will happily reveal the materials used in their jewellery. Strength and rounded edges are important when choosing jewellery for children, so that they do not scratch or annoy the young wearer. Little girls enjoy wearing their jewellery, and if it's kept for special occasions, even more so. These precious items can be put away when they are outgrown and stored as keepsakes until they themselves have children, when they will appreciate them all over again. Even more so!