Collection: Gemstones

We currently have a range of baby's and children's bracelets, necklaces and earrings in semi-precious stones set in silver for lifetime keepsakes. Gemstones include garnets, amethysts, rose quartz, etc.Another category of jewellery which has recently undergone a resurgence in popularity is Gemstones. Gemstones are extracted from beneath the surface of the earth in their rough state.As critical as good cutting and polishing is to create a beautiful stone, treatments and enhancements have become an integral part of the modern gemstone industry. A vast majority of coloured gems go through an enhancement process that does not diminish their natural beauty, or true worth. Heat-treating, which significantly enhances colour, is the most common procedure and has a long historical precedent.Gold and silver enhances the look of gemstones. Like gold and silver jewellery, gemstone jewellery is a great family keepsake.Birthstones:January - GarnetFebruary - AmethystMarch - AquamarineApril - DiamondMay - EmeraldJune - PearlJuly - RubyAugust - PeridotSeptember - SapphireOctober - OpalNovember - CitrineDecember - Blue Topaz