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Charm bracelets and charms have been fashionable for generations.  But never quite as popular as they are now.  About 10 years ago, a revolution in modern jewelry fashion arrived.  Pandora.  Pandora took over as the most popular style of jewelry in Western countries around the world.  The popularity of Pandora has been phenomenal.  Like all fashions, there are the “lovers” and the “loathers.”  Those who love Pandora have helped support the jewelry industry around the world through a difficult decade.  Thanks to the global financial crisis, all industries have had their down-turns and all have looked for their own Pandora revolution.

These days, there are hundreds of manufacturers of Pandora replicas.  Some are a very poor likeness, but many are exceptional.  Pandora replicas can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of the “real thing.”  Some are made with materials resembling gold and silver but many are made of sterling silver and various grades of gold.  Prices vary enormously.  Pandora is responsible for the resurgeance of the Charm Bracelet.

Pandora charms or “beads” are manufactured to represent every possible event in a person’s life.  The purchase of a Pandora bracelet is the start of a collection which eventually culminates in a “story” of the wearer’s life.  Some charms are bought simply because they are beautiful and the colours suit the person’s complexion, others represent the good and the important things in the wearer’s life.

There are newcomers to the Charm Bracelet and Charm World,  Thomas Sabo, for example is also immensely popular in Western countries.  The bracelets are quite different from Pandora, and come in a large, open chain type bracelet, for the easy attachment of charms, or tightly packed onyx, pearl, and other beads, with places to squeeze in a charm which comes attached to a lobster clasp.  All Thomas Sabo Charm Club charms have the lobster clasp, making it easy to attach memories of all the important occasions and events in a person’s life. 

Thomas Sabo charms represent birth and babies, children and their activities, home life, social life, fashion, travel, animals and insects, you name it! 

Links of London are another newcomer in to the Charm market.  Their charms are similar to Thomas Sabo, except they lack the lobster claw clasp and hang directly via  a jump ring from the bracelet.  Their new Sweetie bracelet, which is made up from slivers of silver packed together in an upright fashion to form the bracelet, are beautiful on their own or with charms attached.  These bracelets look particularly nice with just one or two charms rather than a lot and can be purchased with the charms already attached, or on their own. 

There are many other brands, some new, some have been familiar for years, which make their own particular style of charms, all representing the important events in a person’s life, or simply for the sheer beauty of the Charm.  Their irresistibility, their very “charm” is what makes them as popular as they are today.

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All parents want professional keepsake photography of their babies and children and the different styles of children's photography are endless.  The cute, the sweet and innocent, the "out there"...there are some great ideas.  Why not complement the style of photograph you have in mind with a piece of jewelry for your baby or children to wear, that will forever be on show in the portrait.  A shiny gold or silver bracelet is the obvious choice, but a gold or silver earring can add a special sparkle to the photo.  Or a colourful ladybug earring or a Pandora-style bracelet in a blue to match the eyes. When a moment is captured forever, it's worth using your imagination to create something unique and special.

Posts by : Jennifer Gregory baby bangles , baby earrings

Since some items have small components, they can present a choking hazard if broken.  Please supervise babies wearing jewelry and never give them jewelry items to play with.  Also, please remove braclets and anklets before putting baby to bed.

Posts by : Jennifer Gregory baby bangles , baby earrings

Each item is carefully measured.  Please measure your baby's/child's wrist for bracelet size and ankle for anklet size.  Many items have extensions and can be shortened and lengthened.  Approximations for age are given if you are unable to do this (as in when buying a gift).  Obviously babies and young children vary a lot in size for their age, but if you buy an item that is too big or too small, please return it for replacement with a more suitable size/item.

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Special Events create Special Memories.  Baby Showers, Christenings, Naming Ceremonies, Birthdays and even Weddings call for special outfits and of course, special jewelry!  The photos of the day will forever show the choices you made that day to look your best.  Babies and Children are no different.  Each event may call for a different piece of jewelry, the innocent, elegant, the sparkly, the funky!  We at Baby Jewels have an eye for all these different types of jewelry for every occasion: earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, bangles, anklets, we love it all!

We try to mention in our product descriptions if a piece of jewelry is particularly suitable for an event of some kind, so, for example, a search for "wedding" on the Baby Jewels website should return some suitable items. We hope to add events categories to our store as we expand our range.