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Special Events create Special Memories.  Baby Showers, Christenings, Naming Ceremonies, Birthdays and even Weddings call for special outfits and of course, special jewelry!  The photos of the day will forever show the choices you made that day to look your best.  Babies and Children are no different.  Each event may call for a different piece of jewelry, the innocent, elegant, the sparkly, the funky!  We at Baby Jewels have an eye for all these different types of jewelry for every occasion: earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, bangles, anklets, we love it all!

We try to mention in our product descriptions if a piece of jewelry is particularly suitable for an event of some kind, so, for example, a search for "wedding" on the Baby Jewels website should return some suitable items. We hope to add events categories to our store as we expand our range.

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Baby jewelry is not new.  Tribes of Africa, South America and the Pacific have adorned their babies and small children with shells and precious objects since time immemorial. In countries e.g. India, even male babies have traditionally worn jewelry.

Recent generations are reviving the tradition of baby jewelry though predominantly for baby girls.

Newborns are blissfully unaware of adornments, but it isn't long before they take an interest in jewelry, particularly their mother's.  Some older babies wear jewelry without fuss though some seem determined to remove it.  After the age of about 18 months, they come to accept and enjoy wearing a bracelet in particular, especially if it attracts attention from family and friends.

From about 2.5 years, small girls love dressing up and take a great interest in their jewelry and treasure it.

Special care should always be taken with babies wearing jewelry.  Precious metals tend to be soft so care should be taken to ensure baby doesn't break her bracelet and put a piece in her mouth.

Special baby photos are enhanced by the wearing of jewelry.

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A polish now and then with a blue silver cloth is enough to keep your jewelry looking like new.

When widening the hooks on earrings, be gentle. Some are meant to slide over the lobe and be gently coaxed on. Whilst excellent craftsmanship is used in all pieces, rough handling could affect the integrity of some joins. If your jewelry has a gemstone in it, we recommend taking the piece off before washing hands or showering.

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Many contemporary jewelry items especially those made of white gold, are electroplated in rhodium to enhance shine and durability.

Sometimes, platinum or silver jewelry is rhodium-plated. In the case of platinum, it is because rhodium is a bit brighter than platinum, so it is used to enhance the shine. For silver, it is a little bit different. Silver is actually more reflective (shinier) than rhodium, but silver is also a much softer metal, and can be scratched very easily. So the owner of a rhodium-plated silver piece is trading a small bit of shine for a longer, scratch-free life.

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The bloodless diamond alternative.

Producing cubic zirconia is an art in itself. The extremely high temperature required to melt the ores (almost 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit) is too hot for any conventional crucible, or melting vessel, to withstand. Therefore, to produce cubic zirconia, scientists have devised a proprietary process. A radio-frequency "skull crucible" system is used, in which the melting zirconia powder actually creates the sides of its own container during its formation. Cooling this extremely hot molten ore becomes the most crucial step in the entire process. A carefully programmed cooling procedure is required to form the flawless crystals that are subsequently transformed into exquisite cubic zirconia gemstones.

Like diamonds, the best cubic zirconia gems are colorless (or white, as most people describe their colors) and do not lose their color or brilliance. Given proper cleaning, the cubic zirconia will retain its own flawless, radiant beauty permanently, just as the diamond does. To fulfill the jewelers' need for colors besides the unbeatable brilliancy, manufacturers also produce colored cubic zirconia. It is available in a variety of colors. Cubic zirconia gemstones are cut in the same fashion as diamonds. The size of the gemstone is usually indicated by its weight in carats, a carat being one-fifth (1/5 ) of a gram. The stone can also be measured in millimeter diameter size.